I hope you enjoy this week’s—and the blog’s first!—link round-up, where I bring you the best of horror that the internet can give you! Grab some popcorn, stretch out in your favorite chair, and get comfortable with your laptop, tablet, or phone … and enjoy your Friday night with some news from the dark side.


via pixabay.com

NEW SERIES ALERT: If you hit YouTube before 10 PM tonight, you can catch OUTCAST, the new Cinemax Original Series about a young man (GONE GIRL’s Patrick Fugit) mysteriously possessed by strange forces and his journey to coming to terms with what lies in his past.

MORE MOVIES TO RUIN YOUR LIFE: What’s the most grisly horror film you’ve ever laid eyes on? Chances are, it’s on this list: check out these 10 Banned Horror Movies from The Line-Up, including the notoriously harrowing I SPIT ON YOUR GRAVE and the fresh hell that is THE HUMAN CENTIPEDE (plus the sequel). [TRIGGER WARNING: This article makes mention of rape and sexual assault.]

TRUE HORROR: How many possession victims can you name? Even if your answer is “Not many,” you’ll recognize these names, from The Line-Up … Anneliese Michel is the inspiration for THE EXORCISM OF EMILY ROSE, Ed and Lorraine Warren investigated the Smurl family’s resident demon, and the Perrons star in James Wan’s THE CONJURING.


Anneliese Michel (via wordpress.com)

NEW SERIES ALERT: Lore, Aaron Mahnke’s podcast on the mysterious and macabre, will soon be coming to television. Gale Anne Hurd—executive producer of THE WALKING DEAD—will host the anthology series. A network is not yet attached to the project.

THIRD-GENERATION GHOSTBUSTERS: We’ve all been through the wringer, what with the whiny voices of dissent that have arisen with increasing volume and frequency in the wake of the GHOSTBUSTERS film about to hit theaters … but check out this little-known fact from Blumhouse.com: the 1984 comedy is a remake in itself, of a ‘70s television show for children! Wait ‘til THIS hits the message boards …


The original “Ghost Busters” (yes, including the ape, apparently) (via Blumhouse.com)

TRAVEL: If you’re at a loss for summer vacation destinations, look no further … how about a portal to hell?! And no, I’m not talking about Sunnydale. Check out these Five Entrances to Hell from Blumhouse.com.

THE ISLAND OF MISFIT TOYS?: In a story that unpleasantly calls to mind my recent review of DEAD SILENCE, a chilling creepypasta from an author known only as CMT reports that three teenage girls were found dead at … wait for it … a DOLL CEMETERY. [TRIGGER WARNING: This article describes mutilated corpses in great detail.]

CHARLIE NO-FACE: They say every town has a story. Does yours compare to these horrifying urban legends from The Line-Up? [TRIGGER WARNING: Number 8 on this list, “Purple Aki,” includes a graphic reference to rape. Number 13, “A fertility god …” makes mention of rape. Number 24, “The plantation owner’s ghost,” makes mention of a racial hate crime.]


Charlie No-Face? (via The Line-Up)


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