What a month it’s been! We’ve been busy as Satan reading Stephen King’s memoirs, watching essential horror to build up a back-log of the greats on the blog (perfect for when you’re raring for a classic that you haven’t yet seen), balancing blockbuster sequels with art horror gems, and peeling through the gnarliest of the internet—all just for you, reader!


Above: Just a few of the books that are on-deck for upcoming horror book reviews: ON WRITING: A MEMOIR OF THE CRAFT and IT by Stephen King and THE SCIENCE OF EVIL: ON EMPATHY AND THE ORIGINS OF CRUELTY by Simon Baron Cohen. 

Now that you know what’s ahead for WILDERNESS, grab your cheese puffs, pull on some sweats, and settle in for our link round-up!

 ‘THE NEON DEMON’ IS PLAYING NEAR YOU (MAYBE): We are beside ourselves waiting to see THE NEON DEMON, the latest brainchild of Nicolas Winding Refn (DRIVE [2011], BRONSON [2008]), about an aspiring model (Elle Fanning) who moves to Los Angeles and must evade beauty-obsessed local women determined to devour her youth and vitality. A Danish horror film, it is in limited release, so keep a sharp eye out for showings!

‘JEEPERS CREEPERS’: BASED ON REAL-LIFE EVENTS?: The Creeper may be a creation all of Victor Salva’s own, but the chilling opening scene of the film is plucked straight from an episode of ‘UNSOLVED MYSTERIES’ from the early ‘90s. This video compares the two side-by-side, first the ‘UNSOLVED MYSTERIES’ segment and then the opening of JEEPERS CREEPERS (2001), featuring Gina Philips and Justin Long. Check it out.


via Ranker.com

TRUE HORROR: Who knew how many shootings, statistically, take place in Chuck E. Cheese’s “Family Restaurant”? I guess that’s what you get for celebrating a special occasion with a cartoon rat. Turns out, Chuck E. can get awfully cranky … and that’s nothing, compared to his visitors … (via Ranker). [TRIGGER WARNING: Numbers 3, 6, and 9 on this list mention sexual assault and childhood sexual assault. Number 15 mentions childhood sexual assault. Numbers 12 and 18 mention drug use, including heroin and cocaine. Videos contain violence and blood.]

WISH LIST: Move over, Lush: these bath bombs have us raring for a hot soak. Delightfully termed “Your Mother Uses Bath Bombs in Hell,” according to Ghoulish Delights Bath Shop, these products are perfect for “an exorcism in your bath tub” … “get[ting] out those inner demons while soaking your possessed dry skin”! Recommended viewing following your beastly bath: THE EXORCIST (1973) (the inspiration for the product), THE EXORCISM OF EMILY ROSE (2005), THE POSSESSION (2012), and DELIVER US FROM EVIL (2014).


via creepycatalog.com

HE WANTS YOU: If you’re looking for a chill on this hot July night, take a peek at this scary story by writer, teacher, and TEDx organizer Jimmy Juliano … it’s a long and winding tale, but well worth your patience (via Creepy Catalog).

TV WATCH: Is anyone else on the edge of their seat waiting for the theme of the next installment of ‘AMERICAN HORROR STORY’ to be revealed?! Aside from a cryptic insignia of a ‘6’ twined with a question mark, we only have speculation. What buzzed-about topic are you most excited about? M.J. Pack speculates that the following are possibilities: Summer Camp, Cult, Area 51, Boarding School, and Suburbia (via Creepy Catalog).

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Teresa Palmer in LIGHTS OUT (2016) (via YouTube).

‘LIGHTS OUT’ IS COMING: It’s July, which means that one of this summer’s most terrifying flicks is coming to theaters everywhere this month. LIGHTS OUT (directed by relative unknown David F. Sandberg and based on a film short by the same name) is the nightmarish tale of two siblings who encounter an entity who tests their sanity and threatens their very lives … but only under the cover of darkness …

SAYING GOODBYE: Horror and suspense maven Lois Duncan has died at the age of 82. Duncan brought us such classics as KILLING MR. GRIFFIN, STRANGER WITH MY FACE, and I KNOW WHAT YOU DID LAST SUMMER—which spawned the classic slasher franchise starring scream queen Jennifer Love Hewitt (and, in the first installment [1997], long-time badass Sarah Michelle Gellar). While Duncan will be missed, her work lives on—take this opportunity to revisit your favorites!


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